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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

my FO's thus far

pre-1) a basketweave knit scarf for my boyfriend in Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in Dusk (I think). Knit 2 years ago. Took 3 months! I had no resolve to finish these things, and was bad at correcting stitches- I had to wait until I saw my mom next to get her to fix my mistakes! My first FO ever.

1) Irish Hiking Scarf

1.5+ skeins of Patons Classic Wool Merino in Dark Grey Mix /65" x 5" / size 8 needles / Xmas gift for dad
My first cables attempt- without a cable needle at that! Cables are definitely not as hard as they look, but the scarf took a long time (around 20-30 mins per 8-row repeat) because I am still a slow knitter! Because Patons isn't as bulky, it took more pattern repeats than other wools and thus even longer (I'm willing to bet over 20 hours)! But it was worth it in the end!

2) My So-Called Scarf

3 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes in Rose Garden / 65" x 5" / size 13 needles /Xmas gift for sis
The is the scarf that's notoriously done in Manos Del Uruguay. Problem: I don't think I like any of their colourways! Enter the people that completed it in LB Landscapes. Fell in love with Rose Garden (off their FO's). Ordered it online because I couldn't find it in Canada. Was somewhat disappointed in person (too much brown, not enough pink) but it grew on me. I decided it looks better from far away. I still love the scarf, don't get me wrong. Plus it took "only" 7 hours or so!

3) Curly Whirly Scarf

1 skein of Patons Divine in Icicle White, part of a skein of this no-name chenille stuff from abroad that I was given- white/khaki/light brown mix / 72" x 5" curly diameter (quite large!) / size 11 needles / Xmas gift for mom
Mohair blended stuff is a pain to work with, I've figured out. But I fought with this and it's so pretty now. You don't see the curliness until you bind off, and it was hard to wait that long! I also didn't know how long it would get in the end, and probably casted on 20 extra stitches (which means an extra 1000 stitches that I did in total!), but I guess a too-long scarf is better than a too-short one. I really like the contrasting colour edges, it really makes the curl stand out. I cast on 120, knit, increased to 240, knit, increased to 480, knit, knit, increased to 960, knit, knit, bound off. Don't know how long this took, but would have been faster with easier yarns! I'm guessing it took me at least 13 hours.


  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger The Crafty Weasel said…

    Oh I love your my-so-called-scarf!!! I need to go check out that yarn!! Love your Irish Hiking Scarf too!


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