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Thursday, February 23, 2006

finished olympic knitting!

Ok, I'm a horrible blogger. I love reading others' blogs about their progress yet neglect to post any about mine. I love seeing pictures of just cast on, half done, almost done objects yet don't remember to take any myself.

BUT... what counts (or what's supposed to count anyway!) is my finished object post! I attribute the relatively fast finish (and lack of blog updates) to the fact that I completed almost all (I bet at least 95%) of the knitting in front of the TV watching the olympics. I don't want to know how long it took (and how much I've been watching the olympics).

Anyway, the deets:

Pattern: Craftster Circular Shrug
Yarn: 3.5+ balls of Bernat Satin in Mocha (approx 600 yds)
Needles: Size 9 Denise Interchangeables
Size: Small (it's a tad big on me- fits great underneath a long sleeve shirt, but under a tank top it's a bit roomy. I am very skinny and short!)
Modifications: Cast on 194 stitches in k2p2 and decrease to 97 stitches and 19.5" of mock rib (not really though). My gauge swatch came out differently than the actual garment- I'm guessing that a wider width of mock rib will make it rib more than the smaller swatch- so when it laid flat, I was lucky if the width measured 17 or 18". I tried blocking it (not sure ultimately how successful because this is acrylic we're talking about) to make it wider, but it worked out in the end because it tends to stretch out when I'm wearing it anyway. I also probably didn't need the whole 19.5" and measured myself incorrectly too! Used k2tog, p2tog decreases and kfb, pfg increases. 5" k2p2, 20" mock rib, 5" k2p2. I initially remembered the pattern wrong and did 15" of mock rib, moving onto k2p2 after that, but I'm glad I frogged and added the extra length- even as a petite girl, it spans the length of my back and I like it that way! I learned how to mattress stitch, which I initially was intimidated of (care of the videos), after reading the SnB book, and seamed up the k2p2 along with 4" of the mock rib. My yarn needle donated by my boyfriend's grandma came in very handy- after learning how to kitchener stitch without a yarn needle (yeah... don't ask. I tried pulling yarn through with my fingers, and then tried fashioning a paper clip into a yarn needle), I now understand that these little extras (yarn needle, crochet hook, stitch markers, holders, etc.) are life savers!

As for fitting, it fits great due to the fact that you can pin it as tight as you want. It's a bit gapey in the back by the armholes though. I don't know how to fix it, but it doesn't bother me, since I am so in love with the front! I've also found that my cast on and off are very different tensions (my cast on is looser) so the upper collar looks better with the cast on edge- it allows it to splay out more instead of curling like the cast off edge did. Incidentally, the pic was taken with the cast off edge as the collar. I didn't discover this other (better looking) variant til later. But guess what, the laziness has taken over and, yeah, you'll have to live with the first picture.

Also have gotta say that I think mock rib is just so cute! I love the "wrong side" (although have ultimately decided to go with the right side out) and it's quicker than k2p2 since knitting the wrong side doesn't require changing yarn positions (yarn is always held forward) like a conventional rib stitch would.


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