The Yarn Virgin

the adventures of popping my yarn cherry

Monday, January 30, 2006

first knitalong!

I finally want to branch out beyond scarves. I've been reading Craftster for ideas and happened upon the Craftster-originated Circular Shrug intented to be an Urban Outfitters knockoff. I thought it was so cute (though I usually am not one for shrugs- I guess they're growing on me!) that I went out to buy some yarn this weekend! The cheapie standby that people have been using is Caron Simply Soft, but I've never seen this yarn. I bought 4 balls (664 yards) of brown Bernat Satin, which is apparently comparable to the simply soft.

I also recently found out about the Yarn Harlot's
where we're only supposed to cast on AFTER the flame is lit, and supposed to finish BEFORE the flame is extinguished. Which is nice, because it gives me a deadline. But I don't know if I can wait that long before getting a start on this project! Oh well, at least I know I'll have a spiffy little shrug by Feb 26th if things go as I'm planning.

I also have 2 balls of this white Patons Divine which I don't exactly know what to do with (it was originally intended for a scarf for my mom, but I could never decide on a pattern), so maybe I'll use that to keep me occupied until then.

I also finally got pictures of some of my past creations, so I'll post them up here in the next little while for posterity and completeness sake.

Friday, January 27, 2006

blog name

maybe I'll start off by explaining the title. I'm new to knitting (though learning quickly) and recently took a trip to one of the most popular LYS' in town. There, my equally virginal friend and I were touching everything and exclaiming, "ooh feel this one! this one's so soft!" "no, feel this one! it's sooo nice!" "omigod, I want to buy out this whole store!". We were overwhelmed with all our choices and didn't know which yarn to use for what. All this while the employees and regulars passing us by, I'm sure, were lauging inside (at us, not with us!) at our (yarn) virginity.

so, I'm pleased to present a foray into my knitting life- the adventures of popping my yarn cherry, if you will...